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Our Sellers Have Saved $1,321,450

Our Sellers Have Saved $1,321,450

With Our $5995 Flat Fee Listing Services.

Technology, Experience, and NOT PAYING another Broker up to 50% of the all while providing excellent service and incentivizing Buyer Broker. Get all of the info here. When they click, it goes to the seller page.

Savings Above Based On A Broker Charging 6%.

Seller Saved $14,605

Seller Saved $13,555Received 2 months of free rent back!

Seller Saved $17,930Sold in 7 days

Seller Saved $17,055Offers and Buyer Agreed to pay above appraised value.

Why us?

Lakewood Home Team

01. For SellersWe know the market, provide the best marketing at the best price and have the most experience. Our sellers get the most from the sale of their home… EVERY TIME!
02. For BuyersWe know the market inside and out. We know the neighborhoods, schools, new home developments and often know about homes that will be hitting the market before anyone else.
03. FinancingBeing a real estate Broker and Mortgage Lender, Dan sought the best company that would allow him to provide the best service to his clients. This means not only competitive rates, but the ability to close quick and give our buyers an advantage. Loan options include:

What clients says?


We lived in our house for 15 years. We didn’t know it until Dan informed us, but we had a major lot line adjustment issue that the builder caused decades ago. Dan had the title company out on a Monday morning at 8am to address and cure the problem with my other 2 neighbors. I was stressed that we wouldn’t be able to sell and get to my new job but Dan handled it all. Dan’s Team is second to none. We were impressed from start to finish. The commission savings was just a bonus!
by Suzy and Tom
Temecula Sellers
I got the Flat Fee Commission brochure in the mail and wanted to see what the catch was. Dan explained how he and his team work and promised top dollar at the lowest cost. He even said I could cancel if I wasn’t happy. There wasn’t one time that I was unimpressed and I didn’t need to cancel. Dan and his team did get me more than I was hoping for and did so in a professional manner.
by Jason
Temecula Seller
We hadn’t sold a home in over 30 years and were anxious about the experience. Dan kept the anxiety down and even got us the ability to stay in our home for 2 months after it sold. This allowed us to make the move straight into the new home in Arizona without having to move twice. We are so grateful for his help.
by Mike and Holly
Winchester Seller
AMAZING. Dan said pool homes were seeing tons of activity and that we would get above appraised value. We sure did! We accepted an offer that offered to pay up to $40,000 above appraised value. He provided awesome service and communicated with us the entire time. We are so glad he was referred to us.
by Tammy
Murrieta Seller
Dan has been my go to agent for a decade plus. As a real estate investor, its all about the bottom line. There isn’t a better agent at getting top dollar while minimizing costs.
by James
Murrieta Seller
Dan was a delight to work with. He helped us prepare our home for sale and walked us through the entire process. Dealing with electronic signatures was a breeze and his team was there every step of the way to make our move to Tennessee a smooth one.
by Jessica
Menifee Seller

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