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In the traditional 6% model, Brokers charge a 6% commission offering 2.5-3% to a buyer’s Broker. In our model, we charge a standard price for our services, regardless of value of the home plus 2.5% to offer to a procuring Buyer’s Broker.

Understanding Why we can offer

Flat Fee  services when others cannot


Technology has changed the way homes are bought and sold. The real estate industry has benefitted from both the marketing and efficiency aspects of selling homes. From the marketing standpoint, today’s home buyers are performing their search on smart phones on apps like Zillow,, Redfin and Thousands more. Homes are advertised on these sites at very little cost to the Broker. From the efficiency standpoint, technology has made it to where agents are able to sell more homes in less time. Required forms and contracts are available online and can be drafted, emailed, electronically signed and returned almost instantly. What used to take hours or days now can be completed in a matter of minutes.


As a licensed Broker with 20 years of experience and hundreds of homes sold, Ive seen the red flags in real estate and know how to spot them right away. I also know the contracts inside and out, and do not require Broker oversight. I regularly attend real estate and legal webinars in order to stay current with real estate issues. As such, my clients are further protected and risks of future lawsuits are limited.


How commission is paid: In a traditional Brokerage, the Brokers are the ones being paid. The listing Broker is paid 6%. Of that 6 percent, 3 is paid to the buyer’s Broker. The buyers Broker and the listing Broker will have a contract with their agents that define their commission “split.” This is typically between 10-50%. So there are essentially 4 entities being paid for the listing. With me, I am the Broker so there is no split, and therefore, 1 less hand in the cookie jar. Licensed Loan Officer: If a property falls out of escrow (buyer cancels or loan doesn’t go through) the agent has to sell the home more than once, costing both time and money. If a deal falls apart, most times it is because there is an issue with the loan. As such, in 2019, Dan became a licensed mortgage loan officer and worked with one of the nations top lenders. By having intimate knowledge of the loan programs and staying up to date with loan qualifications, Dan is able to cross reference the buyers qualifications, significantly reducing the risk that a deal falls out because of the loan. Fewer failed transactions is another reason we are able to do what we do!

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